Britain And The British Empire

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As the British Empire developed into one of the largest in the world, the purpose of the empire was questioned and how the empire would affect Britain created tension within Britain. Throughout the eighteenth century, the British focused their efforts on a commercial and maritime empire that would carry their values of liberty, equality and rule of law with it. The accounts detail aspects of the first empire with the mentality and the treatment that the men have regarding their ideas of Britain and her empire. Ideas that would be challenged by the American Revolution and the Americans claim against the British, such as repressive and calling the king a tyrant. This forced the British to adapt the image of themselves and how they dealt with their empire. In order to understand the changing times that the accounts are documenting, first the men need to be placed into the society in which they lived. This will be accomplished through the development of the empire’s ideology and forming of the British identity, and then by looking at the British state building and forms of nationalism with an emphasis on class and gender within the nation. This will be followed with the British perspective of the empire and concluded by discussion the mobility caused by the empire that is demonstrated from the travel accounts. First, the development of the British imperial ideology and the formation of an identity that plays an integral role within the narratives and the development of a unique

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