Britain 's Contrasting Political Standing On Contemporary Political Affairs Essay

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Research Project: Britain’s Contrasting Political Standing in Contemporary Political Affairs

The aim of the research project is to develop a critical understanding of a range of research skills, research methods and ethical considerations specifically relevant to conducting independent research and cultivating a managed approach to such. The report will culminate in an overall reflection on the outcomes of the research conducted. The reports purpose is to answer; How does Britain’s political standing today differ from what it was at the period height of the British Empire, and how does its contemporary strength and influence affect its contemporary political role in world matters? The report will aim to answer the question in two ways: The first being how contemporary Britain differs politically from the time of the British Empire. The second, will examine contemporary Britain’s political role and whether it has changed in overall strength and influence. The report itself will be split into four sections outlining different aspects of the research project. The first section will outline a written version of the critical literature review which was conducted in early February in presentation format, and will be written up in chronological order of thematic. The second, will contain a methodology section aimed at outlining the justification and depiction of all methodology used specifically towards primary research. The third, will contain a section dedicated to

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