Brittany's Case Study

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For Brittany’s case, she cared about other’s perspectives to her body shape so much that she got the eating disorder. Her situation reminded me that I had a friend who did the same thing at a young age. She wanted to lose weight to keep a good body shape, so she ate only one piece of bread for the whole day. When she felt hungry, she just ate one candy. After she did that a few weeks, she got a serious illness on her stomach and had to do surgery to cut half of the stomach. Women value people’s view of body shape especially men’s perspective, which motivates them to be on a diet and result in an eating disorder. I saw a coping case of emotion-focused. Brittany was hiding her real situations to the therapists and nutritionists; also, she called her mom to ask for leaving the center. She was trying to avoid, minimize and distance herself from the problem. Therefore, she did not really get help…show more content…
Sometimes made the situation even worse, for those punishments made them become more depress and want to quit. Brittany’s situation impacted me the most because the reason that I always want to get thin is the same as her. She had a very strong feeling to get thin because she really cared about how people think about her. This kind of concern came from the experience from her young age. People’s perspectives were like knives, which poked her heart or cut her skin, so she felt extreme pain and depress from it. When she had to leave the center to keep going on her normal life, I felt that she was really not ready to leave, so at that time I guessed that she would not go on a normal life like a normal person. At the end of the video, the video mentioned that she began to restrict again and lost weight. I think the main reason on her situation is that her psychological problem has never been solved, so she continues to be depressing, and her depression reflexes on the eating
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