Bronfenbrenner Essay

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2. Analysis of Jason’s situation according to Bronfenbrenner
Observing the Bronfenbrenner’s socio ecological model it can be seen that it consists of five systems that are linked to the child, in two ways: indirectly and directly. In this case it will relate to Jason Wilson. The systems that comprise the Bronfenbrenner model are the microsystem, the mesosystem, the exosystem, the macrosystem, and finally the chronosystem. These systems are described by Landsberg and Krüger and Swart (2011:14).
2.1 The Microsystem
The microsystem consists of those people that are closest to the child. The closest people to Jason are his family. Following Jason’s family are his peers and teachers at school, and the environment that Jason finds himself in. Much of what happens in the microsystem has a …show more content…

The exosystem is out of reach for the life a child, however if changes happen in the exosystem then this will most definitely lead to alterations in the life of the child.
In Jason’s life the factors that are mentioned will influence his life however he has no control over these factors.
Due to so many people living in the home, differences of opinion might arise, in the running of the home, and how to treat the children. If conflicts arise then this influences the children in the home.
Jason’s stepfather is a policeman, but he is away often for long periods of time. Therefore this stepfather does not spend much time with Jason. Jason does not have a close relationship with a father figure.
Jason’s mother works for long periods in a nearby bakery, coming late in the afternoon. The mother does not have much influence on the life of the child. The grandparents are the ones that are with the children. Jason also recently discovered that his biological father is in jail resulting in the reason that Jason is unable to see his biological

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