Brotherhood Autobiography

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There are a number of reasons why I joined TKE, but the main reason was brotherhood. While rushing I saw how close everyone was, and while pledging I got an even deeper insight into that sense of family. I personally love that sense of having someone there to not only watch my back, but to support me in whatever I do. Brothers, who help me up when I get knocked down. Brothers, who I can honestly and whole heartedly say that I would take a bullet for them and who in reverse would do the same for me. Through pledging alone, I’ve already gotten not only my pledge class, but even members who have supported me and have told me never to give up. As many members have already said to me, the grass is greener on the other side. I’ve learned and grown…show more content…
My two main goals within the fraternity are to hold a chair position and to eventually hold an officer position. The chair position I would like to hold is brotherhood. Brotherhood events have been my highlight of the week, every week. The events are not only a time to unwind from a hard week of studying, but a time members and even pledges to just hang out with each other and be pretty much like a family. The family atmosphere is my main reason for wanting to be a brotherhood chair, because I enjoy seeing everyone come together and just having fun. I will achieve this goal of being a brotherhood chair, by continuing to show dedication while helping with brotherhood events, input some of my own ideas into possible brotherhood events and overall prove myself to all the members that I am responsible and able to head brotherhood. My second goal is to eventual become Pylortes. The reason why I want to become Pylortes is because I enjoy making sure people are safe. Whether it’s as big as breaking up a fight or as small as texting all my friends to make sure they got home alright, as long as at the end of the day everyone safe I am satisfied. I am also good with quality assurance because in my high school tech class I was usually in charge of making sure our structures were structurally sound. Another reason why I want to be Pylortes is to limit myself with alcohol consumption. As Pylortes, I would be less inclined to
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