Brothers, Ram And Carl Grimm And The Grimm Brothers

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Brothers, Jacob Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm are known world wide as “The Grimm Brothers”. These authors are famous for their work in the history and structure of the German language and its relationship to other languages as well as, German folklore, tales and literature. Through their lifelong research into the German language they created their own Dictionary called, “Grimm Law.” The Brothers also, published more than two-hundred and ten German folk tales that they created from the stories that the villagers and peasants told them. Originally, these stories were written for adult readers and considered inappropriate for children. Many of their stories have been adapted by companies like Disney that want to turn them into appropriate children stories or movies. Philipp and Dorothea Grimm had nine children, all of which, did not survive to adulthood. Jacob, was the oldest surviving of the Grimm siblings. He was born January 4, 1785 in Hanau, Germany, to Philipp and Dorothea Grimm. One year later, on February 24, 1786 Wilhelm was born, also in Hanau. They would have six more children before Philipp passed away in 1796. In 1798, Jacob and Wilhelm attend secondary school in Kassel, Germany where they lived with their aunt while acquiring an education. Dorothea, raised her six children until 1808 when she passed away. At 23 years old, Jacob is left to raise his 5 younger surviving siblings. From 1802 to 1806 Jacob, and then Wilhelm, go to the University of Marburg for

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