Brutality In Ww2

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Throughout history, barbaristic groups or armies, have threatened the world and specifically the United States. In WW2, you normally think of the brutality of the Nazis. However, the United States main worry was the Japanese military. The US was appalled by the barbarous demeanor of the Japanese. Nearly 71 years later, the US is alarmed at the cruelty of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Although their motivated by different things, in both ISIS and Japanese codes of conduct, there is no room for mercy, cruelty is their code.

Although both Japan and ISIS use brutality to get what they want, they want very different things. In WW2, Japan wanted to establish an empire for their emperor, Michinomiya Hirohito, who …show more content…

There were so many cases of arbitrary beheadings, clubbings, and bayonetings in different parts of the empire that it is impossible to dismiss these as unauthorized initiatives by individual officers and men.”
Hastings later reveals that Japanese soldiers often mailed photos of themselves committing cruel punishment to their families, proudly depicting their gruesome contributions to the war. The soldiers devotedly participated in the brutality presented in the Japanese code of warrior, the “Bushido.” Although Japanese would send photos to prove their honor, ISIS posts photos and videos to their social media platforms to instill fear and to prove they should not be taken lightly. ISIS posts videos of them threatening the United States and of them assassinating innocent people, a lot of the times journalists. They also proudly show how they are training children for war, and sometimes let the kids commit the assassinations. The purpose of their posts are to insinuate their motives of conquering everyone that they believe is …show more content…

Although the Japanese and ISIS have a lot in common, mainly their emphasis on catachresis, they did have their differences. But, the most horrifying thing that they have in common is that they both believe what they are doing is honorable and justice. They brainwash innocent kids into believing it’s ok to kill someone to get what you want. Just like Japan needed to be stopped in WW2, ISIS needs to be stopped

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