Bubble Gum Is Wrong

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There I was at 6 years old in a corner store with my 5 year old partner in crime cousin Alex. We put our bubble gum on the counter and paid for it with the money we took out of my aunt’s purse while she was in the shower. The cashier had asked where our parent was and instantly we lied and told her they were outside waiting for us. As my cousin and I were leaving the store chomping on our bubble gum like the big bad kids we were something froze us in our tracks. It was our aunt screaming our names: “JORDAN???!!!” “ALEX!!??” That’s when we both looked at each other and started sprinting back to my aunt’s house. As we approached her driveway where she was standing that’s when we realized we weren’t as big and bad as we thought. Our facial expression no doubt looked like we were waiting for the scary part to happen in a movie. Our aunt frantically asking where we went and who bought us the bubble gum, I had let my cousin Alex do all the talking. Boy, were we in trouble after she found out we stole her money and walked to the corner store without an adult. We…show more content…
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