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Buddhism Many people interpret Buddha as a big fat guy, that will give you luck if you rub his belly. This may be true, but Buddhism is much bigger than that. Buddhism began in Himalaya region and has been around since the first century. In Buddhism, the nature of God is a man named Shakyamuni Buddha. In this paper, we are going to look a little more into Buddhism. We will review responses from an actual Buddhism worshipper. We will also compare Buddhism to other religions. Although the Buddha was apparently an historical figure, what we know about him is sketchy. His prolific teachings were probably not collected in written form until at least four hundred years after his death. One example of a sacred biography is Buddhacarita, by …show more content…
I had a very open mind, so when I tried to follow the Catholic religion, I didn’t see any results that fulfilled my spiritual life. Therefore, when I started learning about Buddhism and started to practice it, I seen that it gave me better results and I felt better in my spiritual life.
Q: How long have you followed this religion?
A: “I have followed this religion for six years.
Q: How has this religion affected you in the modern day lifestyle?
A: This religion affects me in a very good way. People believe that a religion gives you rules to live by; however, Buddhism is not like that. In Buddhism, sin and guilty feelings for doing bad things does not exist. Therefore, your lifestyle doesn’t change if you don’t want it to change, but it makes you more conscious about what you are doing. In my personal life, I feel that I am the same whether I do something or not, it’s not because of the religion, not because somebody is going to punish me, but because I really want to do it.
Q: What conflicts do you face from people that do not follow this religion?
A: I have found no conflicts because as I said before, I was not convinced about the Catholic religion so it was very easy for me to change religions. Nobody gave me problems about changing religions because I was 29 years old; therefore I was mature enough to make my own decisions. I had no conflicts with society or anyone else.
Q: What is God for you?
A: Buddhist believes in
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