Essay about Budget & Economy in the United States

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From the penny to the 100 dollar bill, every cent of money counts in our government. Keeping track of it and knowing how much we are spending compared to how much we are making is on of the harder tasks to handle for our three branches of government. Currently, the economic situation is less than ideal. No matter what side of the political spectrum one falls, it’s evident that there are issues with economy. The executive, legislative, and judicial branches all play an important part in the budget and economic system.

President Obama's view on the economy is a very share the wealth kind of ideal. His plan was to bring economical hope to lower and middle class citizens that wanted more economic equality in the United States. He also
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Therefore, conditions are moving nowhere towards a positive outcome, and it shall remain that way for quite a while, but since the economy has not gotten better at all, more and more people are beginning to point blame at Obama, which will prove deadly to him in his campaign for reelection. The New York Times has an article stating that the stocks are steadily decreasing for major industries such as Barnes & Noble. The Washington Post printed an article on December first about the debt in Europe and how it is affecting America's industries. Banks are now loaning money to European banks in fear that if the European economy crashes, then a new global depression will begin, which is causing many investors to grow wary of their investments. In The Los Angeles Times, there is an article about California predicting that the economy will slip further in to recession, which will result in even more budget cuts for many industries. According to an article from December second in, The Wall Street Journal, The United States and Russia are beginning to slowly pull themselves out of their economic issues, while the rest of the world continues to dig itself in to a global economic slowdown. However, the Houston Chronicle boasts about Houston's rising economy, and that in one year, the number of jobs available from September 2010 to September 2011, rose by two-point-six percent. Although the world seems to be having many economical issues, Houston remains is putting up
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