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‘Tis the season of snot, boogers, coughs, and fevers. The holiday season is a time filled with cheer, family, celebration, and enjoyment. However, this time of year can be the season of anxiety for some parents with a baby or infant. As a parent, it is hard to watch your baby get sick. As soon as that first sneeze or cough comes it is often followed a week full of stress, worrying, and maybe even a trip to your pediatrician. One thing is for sure, most parents are willing do whatever it takes to prevent their children from getting sick, especially when they are in the infant and toddler stage. To help you avoid the stresses associated with sickness in your little tike and enjoy the holiday season more, try following these simple and …show more content…

Germs can be just about everywhere, whether in sinks, on tv remotes, toothbrushes, tables, pets, and so much more! In fact, out of all the rooms in a home — yes, even the bathroom — the kitchen is where germs thrive the most. We’re not saying to lock down your home and go into quarantine mode, but during the cold and flu season it is helpful to frequently disinfect areas throughout your home. Be sure to wipe surfaces, clean bathrooms, and disinfect commonly used items.
Steam Is Your Friend
If not notice your baby is showing signs of discomfort associated with colds or seems to be congested, try the ‘steam cleaning’ method. Steam can be beneficial in loosening up congestion in babies and infants and can help relieve some of the discomforts that come with catching a bug. oogiebear tip: Turn your bathroom into an effective source of steam! With the bathroom door closed and the shower on at the highest temperature possible. Sit in the bathroom for about 10 to 15 minutes so quick relief!
Be Cautious and Protective
As parents there is a lot we can do to help protect our children from catching a cold or flu. But unfortunately that sometimes is not enough. Many people can transfer germs and viruses to your child, especially if their hands aren’t clean. Not to mention, if your child is enrolled in child care, they are at a higher risk of picking up a bug. Plus, with the holiday season here, family and friends at

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