Budget Proposal From Former Governor Governor Bob McDonnell

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The outgoing Governor Bob McDonnell on December 10, 2013 revealed his two-year budget proposal called the ‘2014 – 2016 Biennial Budget and Amendments to the 2013 Appropriation Act.’ When Mr. McDonnell released his proposal at the Capital in Richmond he spoke about some key things in regards initiatives that needed to be taken.
The first thing people noticed about the proposed budget was that it was 96 billion dollars. He made some increases in some areas while decreasing funding to areas many people considered unacceptable. This includes cuts to schools; his plan shaved 48 million off kindergarten programs deemed underutilized. One thing that was proposed that most people agreed with was an increase to the states contingency fund. In the budget Governor McDonnell will increase the ‘rainy day fund’ to over one billion dollars. However, higher education was a big concern in the budget as evident because of the almost 200 million boost in the funds allocated for colleges and universities. The one major factor that stuck in people’s mind the most and was the trigger that ignited support for the piece of legislation was the fact that Mr. McDonnell did not propose new taxes. In the plan there is a lot of cutting to programs that are deemed unnecessary and reallocating of funds that Governor McDonnell feels are very important, for example Medicaid. This program is what spark new debate in the house and senate about how Medicaid should not be expanded. This expansion would

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