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Health Policy Analysis Paper Introduction: The face of healthcare has been changing over the last decade. The role of nurse practitioners has become ever more important. This paper conducts a policy analysis as a systematic investigation of alternative policy options, for the emerging nationalized healthcare plan and the increased use of nurse practitioners. It looks at the goals of nationalized healthcare 's use of nurse practitioners and discusses to what extent this policy meets these goals. This paper begins with a detailing of the problem addressed by the policy and the goals and objectives of nationalized healthcare 's increased use of nurse practitioners. Next, alternatives to meeting the increased needs of the health industry, …show more content…

There are nine primary components for this reform. These include: affordable health care for Americans, role of public programs, improved quality and efficiency of healthcare, improving public health and chronic disease prevention, healthcare workforce, program transparency and integrity, increased access to medical therapies, community living assistance, and revenue provisions. The problem this piece of legislation hopes to address is the estimated 45 to 75 million of Americans who are uninsured and the additional 50 million who are under-insured (“The United States”, 2010) Evaluation Criteria The evaluation criteria to determine the effectiveness of this policy must include a variety of facets. First, there is the obvious quantitative evaluation method in determining how many Americans are uninsured or under-insured after the plan is fully implemented. It is estimated that the policy will provide coverage to more than 94% of Americans (“The Patient Protection”, n.d.). Although serving these Americans is a primary goal of the Act, whether or not all of the people will be served is yet to be seen and will need to be monitored. In addition, the quality and efficacy of healthcare is another primary concern of this policy. To monitor this, other statistics will need to be monitored, such as the level of care patients are receiving.

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