Buffalo Soldiers in the West Essay

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Buffalo Soldiers in the West

Throughout American history, African Americans haven’t had too much say in whether or not they belonged in the United States or not. Slavery without a doubt had a great impact upon their decisions. However, despite their troubles, African Americans have paid their dues and have made an impact on our armed forces since the Revolutionary War. African Americans have fought to preserve the rights for Americans, as well as having to fight the war within their very own country to gain the right to fight for their country and their individual freedom.

Approximately sixteen months after the end of the Civil War, an Act of Congress entitled the Buffalo Soldiers “An Act to increase and fix the Military Peace
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Some volunteered. Others were drafted. In addition to several all black regiments, an all black regiment was recruited from Rhode Island. This regiment distinguished itself in the Battle of Rhode Island on August 29, 1778. Between 1775 to 1781 there weren't any battles without blacks being involved in some way or another. Black soldiers fought for the colonies at Lexington, Concord, White Plains, Brandywine, Saratoga, Savannah, and Yorktown. There were two Blacks by the name of, Prince Whipple and Oliver Cromwell, with Washington when he crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Day in 1776. Some won recognition and a place in the history of the War of Independence by their outstanding service, although most have remained anonymous. Unfortunately despite African Americans contributions in the war effort and the large amount of dead Blacks, only very few had gained their freedom. The War for Independence was just the first of a list of wars African Americans would have a chance to be involved in.

The second American war fought with the assistance of African Americans help was the War of 1812. As Martin Delany put it, the African American were "as ready and as willing to volunteer in your service as any other ”. Black soldiers fought the British on land and sea, and they were particularly conspicuous in several different naval battles fought on the Great Lakes under the command of
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