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Computers have become a norm in our working society and are considered a must-have for any sort of business. In a home setting however one has much more freedom with how they get and use their computer. The only two real ways to get a working computer is to either buy or build the computer one is looking for. There are many pros and cons to each which leads to the decision being rather difficult to make for some people. Building a computer can be a difficult project to take on for people without the correct knowledge of how a computer works and functions. One of the most difficult parts of building a computer is trying to get sets of hardware that will all work together cohesively. With different pieces of hardware one could start to run …show more content…

The costs of building an “average” computer is about $650 dollars compared to about $700 plus warranties. If you are looking for a computer that you can run your basic applications on, it would be easier to buy one since you wouldn’t have to dump thousands of dollars on it. However if you want a higher end computer it will get significantly cheaper to build it yourself, but with the rather irrational and jumpy prices on PC parts it can be very hit and miss whether or not you got a good deal or not. The amount of time being spent on building your own computer can be lengthy and you don’t even know how long it will last. With building your own computer you don’t get the warranty that will replace your parts if they break down which can cause troubles for you during your building. You will need to be pickier with your parts because you want the computer to last some time. This causes the price to go up and the risk factor to rise with it because you do not know if you are going to be able to use this same computer in the next month or years to come. Also, if one does not have the knowledge on how to put a computer together from the inside the risks of putting something in the wrong place and possibly breaking something would skyrocket tremendously. For example, if one person forgets to plug in their fan or …show more content…

For example, building PCs will generally cost less than buying one which can save you more money for use on customization or something else. Another positive of building over buying is that you get exactly what you want in and on the computer so you do not have to run through the hassle of sorting through what the company might have put on the computer that you do not like. One of the best things of building one’s own PC would have to be when you finish and the pride one would feel when one see how well it works the things one needs it

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