Informative Speech : Building A Computer

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Building a Computer

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to assemble a computer.

Central Idea: The steps involved in assembling a computer are, preparing for assembly, building the platform, installing the motherboard and power supply, and finally installing cables, cards, and drives.

Introduction I. Computer 's are an integral part of our daily lives. Just about anywhere you go, a computer is present. Hospitals, banks, even the gas pump you frequent, relies on computer 's to figure out how much gas you pump, how much it is per gallon, and where to get that money from. As you can see from this line graph, computer 's are in more demand than ever peaking at 350 million sold in a year. (Computer Sales Statistics) II. You …show more content…

C. Purchase thermal compound, it doesn 't hurt to have on hand. 1. Thermal compound is the medium between the plate on top of the processor and bottom of the processor fan that assists in the quick transferal of heat. D. An electrostatic discharge bracelet is not mandatory to have, but when dealing with pricey electronics, it doesn 't hurt to err on the side of caution. a) The purpose of the ESD bracelet is to prevent you from frying sensitive components by discharging static electricity.

[Transition] Now that I 've told you some preparations for assembly, let 's move on to the second step in assembling a computer.

II. The second step in assembling a computer is building the platform. A. The platform is made up of the motherboard, processor, and memory, and is easiest to build outside of the case. 1. Carefully remove the Motherboard, and place it on top of the anti-static bag it came in, and then place that on top of the box. 2. The next step is placing the processor into its socket. a) If you 'll notice on the processor and the socket on the motherboard there is an arrow on each indicating that you need to line these arrows up. b) There is a gate on the motherboard, you will lift this up and grab the processor from the top and GENTLY lay it on the socket, being careful not to drop or drag it across the socket as this can damage the very sensitive pins. c) Now once you have confirmed that all is lined up close the gate, it will give you some

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