Building A New Parking Garage Essay

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Concrete Project Report

We were requested to write a report for a client that are looking to build a new parking garage in the Bloemfontein area. The client also requsted from us to not just advise him/her on what type of concrete to be used, but also to give him/her a broad understanding of the different types of concrete. Some of the aspects that will be discussed in this report are as follows:
1. Special concrete and its application
2. Admixtures
3. Types of extenders
This report will also contain our detailed recommendation in the form of foundation, floor slabs, columns and beams. It is important to look at the soil conditions and weather conditions for example temperature and other factors that could have an negative effect on the concrete. Before doing the design and classifying the concrete to be used a site investigation should be done and testes required should be carried out. The design has a massive impact on the concrete that would be used. For the purpose of this report I would assume a site with good soil and no clayed partials were found.
Before we start we should get a better understanding of what concrete is its positives and negatives its strengths and its weaknesses.
Strength of concrete is dependent on a number of factors; one of the most important factors is the cement water ratio. The lower the ratio is, the higher the final strength of the concrete would be. Typical values for this ratio
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