Building A Real Estate Market

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There are few certainties in life, but two of them are that they aren’t making any more land and people will always need a place to live. Combining these two certainties with historic low interest rates and home values that have been appreciating in many parts of the country make investing in real estate an attractive alternative to traditional investments. Good credit and a little cash or leverage are all that is needed to become a real estate investor. Some investors look for short-term gains in real estate by flipping rundown houses. Cash is needed in order to make the renovations to rehab the house. Getting a mortgage for houses that are not a primary residence can be difficult and potential investors could be competing against cash …show more content…

During the last decade, more investors have been jumping on the classic-car bandwagon, buying antiques and otherwise prized automobiles. The demand has helped push the value of classic cars up nearly 500 percent in the decade ending in 2015, according to the Knight Franklin Luxury Investment index. Twenty five cars have been sold for over $10 million. Eight of those happened in 2015, including records for Jaguar ($13.2 million), Porsche ($10.1 million), and McLaren ($13.75 million). Incidentally, the record for a classic car is from 2014 when a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta fetched $38 million at auction. Why have classic cars experienced such growth in popularity as an investment? The Internet makes it easy to determine a cars value and has allowed more people to become savvy investors. Investing in classic cars is similar to many other types of alternative investments like art, wine, and collectibles in that investing is a passion. An investor does not need millions of dollars to invest in classic cars. Spending under $20,000 is completely acceptable. Regardless of your level of investment there are a few rules to remember when investing in classic cars: Find the best example of the vehicle possible for your investment level Rarity drives value in classic cars so research how many of a particular make and model exist Buy a car that you are passionate about so if the investment does not appreciate at least you have a vehicle you

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