Building Block Of A Community Essay

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Sustainable Development is the practice of considering the societal, environmental, and economic issues to be related in order to achieve a functioning and well developed community. This is accomplished by disregarding original thoughts of privilege and importance, and instead focusing on creating possibilities in order to solve the crisis as a whole (Sustainability and Sustainable Development, 2003). In order to generate a sustainable environment, one must examine the Three Pillars in the Triple Bottom Line, and determine the success by viewing them as an entirety, not individually. By examining both Sweden and Ethiopia, one can see how they are both plagued with many sustainability concerns due to the negligence of the repercussions of one solution to a different building block of a community. This ultimately asks the question on whether or not they will be able to survive and prosper, or if they will collapse like many other civilizations throughout history (Diamond, n.p).
When thinking in terms of Sustainability, one must work to improve basic human needs in terms of financially, while not damaging society or the environment. In other words, there must be a realization and an effort to think about the quality of life for some, while also protecting the Earth’s ecosystems by combining the two, and not having the notion that one is more or less important than the other (Sustainability and Sustainable Development, 2003). In order to gain a sustainable domain for all of the
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