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Methods and Materials of Construction I

Building codes are rules for the contractors, architects, and for the owner. Basically the codes are for to protect public safety, health, and welfare in construction and buildings. The building is a law that is amendments to the builders. With out the building codes we won’t be protected in buildings. Here are some of the buildings codes.
Frost line is underground water in soil is expected to freeze. The depth is mostly depends on the location of the weather conditions in the area. When frost heave it can damage the building by moving location of the foundations. Foundations are expected to build under the frost depth. The building code requires for the northern five feet.
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These nineteen groups find the classification on occupancy. Each group has each standard building code.
Minimum headroom for stairways in all parts of the stair way is no less than six feet and eight inches. It measured from vertically sloped plane. It should be from the floor to platform.
Obtaining building permits for the property owners who wants to demolish, build, etc. He has to get a building permit from DOB. The entire house, loft, office, and etc. to be build on building code and zoning requirements. The fee for the permit is estimated about $100. The application should send to DOB before the construction work. Once the application has been approved the contractor may apply for permit.
Marquee is a tent with open sides. Used for entertainment. They should be constructed to project beyond the street line provides. It should be at least 10 feet from the ground, yet get the structure may get the support from the building. It should also be 2 feet from the curb line.
Roof loads are snow, wind, rain, and etc. the roof should be build for winds, live and other loads. The Roofs with slope of twenty degrees from horizontal they should have thirty per square foot of horizontal projection.
Minimum headroom for stairways should not be less than
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