Marriott Ethics And Culture

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Part A: Ethics and culture: 21st century is considered as the era of information technology. Technology has helped people in many areas in life; particularly the thrive of networking has brings people from over the world together. As such, nowadays, multinational is seemed as a trend (from as small as a group of friends, to as big as a company, and country). In today world, you can easily get jobs in countries others than your origin. As a consequence, many big organisations has developed to be a multinational brands; particular like McDonald and Marriott. These two brands have many years of experience in finding a way to adapt to the surround environment where their franchises are located. On a smaller scale, within their own company, …show more content…

Another area that culture is applied in Marriott is that the number 13 is not being used. As a cultural belief that the number 13 is an unlucky number. Marriott is also very involving in ethical issues: “We need to stand together to ensure that travel and tourism are always a positive force for good in the world.” (Marriott, Jr., 2013, p.40) Marriott engages in many human rights campaigns such as: “SOS Children’s Villages”, which is to help children with disadvantaged background on education, employment, housing, social and life skills…; “Succeed through Service” that support addressing school drop-out… (Marriott International, Inc, 2015) Marriott is also committed in minimising the impact on environment, they policies are to reduce the energy and water usage, asking their guests to cooperate with them as recycle used tower, recycle soap for homeless children in Africa… Part B: Intercultural Differences: As referred to the website, on the scale of 100, these are the examples of: - 3 countries with high indulgence: Australia (71/100), United State of America (68/100), Canada (68/100) - 3 countries with high restraint: China (24/100), India (26/100), Iraq (17/100). Indulgence and restraint is the sixth dimension added to Hofstede that focuses on the happiness of the local people, the scale that shows the extent which the local people feel able to enjoy their lives and have fun. A society that practice Indulgence

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