Building Stronger Families : Is Your Spouse A Priority?

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Title: Building Stronger Families: Is Your Spouse a Priority?
Ephesians 5:21-33
I don 't like controversy or conflict. That may sound like a good characteristic. But in my case it can be and has been detrimental in my role as a pastor and as a husband.
People often avoid conflict because they view it as destructive. But a good leader recognizes conflict handled in a healthy manner as catalyst for moving in the direction of progress and for a Christian it can move us toward a clearer understanding of God 's will. I will never like conflict, but now that I realize facing difficult situations head on with
God 's help can be much more beneficial than ignoring them ... l am more willing to broach uncomfortable situations or conversations.
That being said, I am preaching on a passage of Scripture I have avoided preaching on for my entire ministry. No doubt today 's scripture reading already has some of you asking questions:
• Did he really just read that wives are supposed to submit to their husbands from the pulpit?
• Does he know some people are not going to like this?
• Has he forgotten who some of the women are at this church?
• Is Greg really going preach on this?
Because I don 't like conflict I have tended to shy away from this often controversial passage. But over the past few weeks God has placed this squarely in my path. Most recently, it hit me when Meredith and Jeremy asked me to include this passage in their wedding many of you attended yesterday. My realization is…
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