Building Tolerance through Spirituality

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In the search for higher consciousness, one must allow for a higher power, though, not, necessarily, a god. Therefore, within in that allowance, as a person transcends, tolerance is a characteristic that, undoubtedly, will be developing along with other positive attributes. Philosophically, moral ethics is a term that partly defines the person who is developing a tolerant personality toward other fellow homo-sapiens and all other connections that are a part of the search for transcendence.. Conversely, building tolerance through the guidance and accompaniment of a deeper spiritual nature, can allow one to consider the subject of same-sex unions, (homosexual) among humanity. For the people that are participants of these unions, intolerance is a daily encounterance. From the families, friends, business associates to the church, (where one is told Gold loves everyone), homosexual couples are rejected constantly. At times these people hide their true feelings and live a life that conforms to the standards that others abide by, such as finding the right heterosexual mate and having a family. On the other hand, numerous people who are homosexually inclined are open about their sexuality. Those who are, want the same types of rights and allowances that are afforded to heterosexual unions, such as being allowed to legally wed and share in the taxation laws that heterosexual unions have. Notwithstanding, the above situations, for those who are attempting transcendence, morally and

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