Bulimia Nervosa And Non Purging Bulimia

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Bulimia nervosa, also called bulimia is a possible life threating eating disorder. A person that suffers from bulimia may secretly binge their food. They may eat large amount of food and then purge their food to get rid of the additional calories that they’ve digested. Bulimia is categorized in two ways, purging bulimia and non-purging bulimia. Purging bulimia is when a person regularly self-induces vomiting after eating. Non-purging bulimia is when an individual may use other methods to try to prevent weight gain, such as fasting, extreme dieting, or overly exercising. When a person has bulimia they may judge their self and their flaws. Up to 80% of people self-induced vomiting while the 30% of people use laxatives. They’re some risk to using other methods to binge. Using laxatives for a longtime can cause the lead to potassium depletion and dehydration. Another risk is that the bowel can become unresponsive. Some may use diuretics or ‘water pills’. Diuretics works by getting rid of the body water, therefore it could decrease bloating. In addition it can induce electrolyte or salt imbalances that can lead to a disturbance in the heart rhythm. There are many signs to show whether a person suffers from bulimia nervosa. For an example, if there is a withdrawal of large amounts of food in a short time period. If you see the individual take frequent trips the restroom. Another sign will be excessive exercise regardless of weather, fatigue, illness, or the uncontrollable

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