Bullfighting Persuasive Essay

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Should Bullfighting as a sport be banned worldwide?

Bullfighting is a sport in which a bull is baited and killed as a public demonstration in an arena. The sport has already been banned in various countries all across the world including America, Australia and Britain, however, it is still as popular as ever in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal and India. Is the tradition just an unjustifiable inhumane act, or are the benefits too vast to pass up?

Bullfighting is a grand tradition that is seen as a form of art that has been important to culture and Spanish traditions since 711 A.D. One of the reasons bullfighting is not banned throughout Europe is due to the long lasting tradition people often fail to see between the people and their practice, thus labelling it as unethical. Comparisons can be made between the treatment of animals through these practices and religious groups practicing Hinduism which also slaughter animals as part of the practice of their faith and tradition. The animals are also sacrificed in much greater numbers. A particular festival hosted every 5 years sees an estimated 350,000 animals killed over a single weekend alone. These numbers are tremendous, and greatly exceed the amount of bulls killed as the result of slaughterhouses.

The number of cattle killed for meat vastly outnumbers that of the bulls killed in bullfighting. Every year approximately 250,000 bulls are killed as a result of bullfighting throughout all of Europe. Australia

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