Bullfighting Sociology

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Frederick Douglass once said “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”(“Change Quote”). Change is an intimidating phenomena and many times there are many that oppose it. This quote is applicable to the contemporary issue of Bullfighting in Spain since there is a strong opposition against this practice due to the cruel treatment of the bulls. Bullfighting is considered a deep rooted tradition of Spain that dates back to 2000 BC, even though the modern version of bullfighting dates back to 1726 (“Bullfighting History”). It takes place in an arena, usually consists of six bulls and three matadors who put on an orchestrated performance that ends with the matadores killing the bull by plunging a sword straight over the bulls horns (“Bullfighting …show more content…

This relates to my academic interest because as both a Psychology major and Sociology minor, I can look at both sides of this debate and examine individual attitudes towards Bullfighting and then see how attitudes towards this have shifted throughout the year at a community level. My background in Sociology helps me understand how traditions and culture unite people and how it is difficult to change opinions towards items deemed historic. Professionally, this topic peaks my interest because it allows me to understand that there are many different perspectives, and while I may not agree with the practice of Bullfighting, I can understand its cultural value and see the other side of the argument. This skill will be enhanced with the opportunity to immerse myself in the Spanish culture and this would help me in my career as a Nurse Practitioner or healthcare professional to work in many in diverse environments with diverse contemporary issues. This debate exemplifies the wide range of perspectives that are found not only in Spain, but all around the world. While I am a strong supporter of animal rights, I also deeply value my family's cultural traditions that also have been in place for hundreds of years. Learning about the controversy around Bullfighting has and will continue to allow me to have enriched conversations with people of varying backgrounds. Overall, Spain will help balance personal beliefs with competing perspectives, allowing me to become a more educated, accepting, and cultured young woman ready to explore the

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