Bullying: Have Schools Really Found A Solution? Essay

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Bullying remains a progressively notorious topic due to the unbiased choice of victims and death-related incidents. In particular, schools have become a predominantly natural location for bullies to prey on victims, but schools have finally started to respond to this epidemic issue. Schools have initiated anti-bullying programs to, if not stop bullying as a whole, at least, reduce bullying to a minimum; however, even with anti-bullying programs in effect, the bullying dilemma still continues, which suggest that school programs remain ineffective. Anti- bullying programs implemented by schools may help some students feel less victimized, but they fail to show any significant improvements due to the increasing number of bullying related…show more content…
Although the statistics proposed by the Dallas Morning News may appear promising, in all reality, school bully programs have transitioned the central site of bullying onto a more public landscape, while creating a false sense of improvement with current anti-bullying program’s statistics.
To accompany cyber bullying, bullying-fueled suicides that constantly air on the news make school bullying programs appear non-existent. Buffalo News article, “Schools Have Work To Do,” also reveals the damages that school bullying causes to students. The article reads, “The 14-year-old killed himself last September after relentless bullying over his sexual orientation”(“Schools”A6). The statement shows the hazardous consequence of bullying while also revealing that school programs lack influence enough to impede bullying. The article, “No Pain, No Bruises, No Cries Of Pain,” by high school teacher Andrew Brennan, notes harsh consequences of teen bullying. In the article, Brennan says, “But as a high school teacher, there’s one thing I know: Our kids are killing themselves”(A13). Brennan’s statement gives the urgent message that bullying has become increasingly worse, and increasingly hostile. Both articles reiterate that the delicate subject of teen suicides remains prominent and persistent, in part, because school programs do not focus on areas of bullying outside the classroom. School programs failing to remedy the emerging problem of some faculty members becoming school bullies,
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