Bullying Interventions That Support Exceptional Education Students

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Violence has increasingly grown in our nation in the last 5 years. It has entered every facet of the lives of youth, from social media, television, and especially in the school system. One of the biggest problem that exist in the school system today is bullying. This type of misbehavior can cause the school climate to be unconducive to learning. Bullying can also have a negative effect on not just the regular student, but the exceptional education student as well. Because of the growing epidemic (trend) of bullying, it is a need to further research the effects that bullying has on the special education student. These facts lead to the proposed research topic, “Bullying Interventions that support exceptional education students”. The following literature review will attempt to support the proposed topic. In the article by Rose, Swearer, & Espelage (2012) the authors explained that further research should be conducted to determine if anti-bullying programs effectively impact exceptional education students or if modifications were needed The authors also argued that bullying not only affects the regular student, but it possibly puts the special need student at a higher risk. They are at a higher risk due to physical elements, personal qualities, and school related issues. When students with disabilities display age-appropriate social skills and positive self-concept, are academically sound, develop positive relationships, and are involved in school activities, their
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