Bullying Is A Growing Epidemic

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Bullying is a growing epidemic in today’s society and has become a pressing social and educational concern. It is often dismissed as typical adolescent behavior but ignoring the problem could be detrimental to the bully, the person being bullied, and even those who stand by witnessing the unkind acts but do nothing about it. Bullying can hinder academic, social, and emotional development and because it manifests in different forms, it is important to recognize the signs and address it with all parities immediately.
Horton (2011) defines bullying as “a group’s collective aggressiveness towards an individual or group of individuals who provoke or attract this aggressiveness” (p. 268). According to Brank, Hoetger, and Hazen (2012) there are four main types of bullying: physical, verbal, relational (or social), and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is characterized by acts of aggression such as punching or hitting. Verbal bullying is characterized by name calling or teasing. Deliberately leaving someone out of activities and/or starting rumors characterizes relational or social bullying. Cyber bullying utilizes technology such as texts, email, or social media to express aggression toward others (p. 214). Regardless of the form of bullying, a common thread amongst them is there is a power imbalance between the bully and the person being bullied. Being able to physically or verbally hurt others, being more confident, having superior manipulative or social skills, and

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