Bullying Prevention: Can Students Make Kindness Cool?

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According to Cristina Maza in “Bullying Prevention: Can Students Make Kindness Cool?”, “In 2013, some 20 percent of high school students reported experiencing bullying, according to federal data compiled on - the figure jumps to 28 percent when middle school students are included” (Maza, 2015, Pg.1). An ample amount of students in the United States are bullied everyday at schools and even on social media. Schools are doing a great amount to prevent bullying during and after school because they are getting the students and even the parents involved.

Student involvement is a fantastic way to prevent bullying because it helps students work with and understand each other. According to the article, “Bullying Prevention: Can Students Make Kindness Cool?” by Cristina Maza, …show more content…

For example there was a workshop at West Allegheny Middle School in Imperial, Pa. that had students share extremely personal information with the other students. Some of the questions that the students were asked were “Do either one of your parents have a drug or alcohol problem?", or “Do you have financial issues at home?” (Lowenberg, 2016, Pg.1). By participating in this workshop the students were scared and humiliated in front of their peers. Even though there are flaws in the bullying prevention plans, there are still effective ways to prevent this serious situation. In fact, “63 percent of students had been bullied at school in the past, only 40 percent were bullied in the current school year. Fifty-nine percent reported that the bullying situation at school had improved this year” (Dalton and Wilkins, 2011, Pg.1). That 59% of students show that there are effective ways to prevent bullying, but schools just have to find the right ones. Schools are doing an immense amount to prevent

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