Monologue A Bystander

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According to “Stop bullying. Gov” 70.6% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools, and when bystanders intervene, bullying stops within 57% of the time.
The purpose of my mural is to inform the bystanders on the challenges the victims of bullying might face. A case of bullying usually involves more than just a bully and a victim, it also involves bystanders.

My target audience for my text are the bystanders, as bystanders also play a substantial role in a case of bullying. They could either help solve the problem or make it worse for the victim. Furthermore, the message of this text type is to tell the bystanders that they can make a difference and stop the bullying from transpiring by reaching out an availing hand to the victim. …show more content…

Next to the eye shows how the girl is feeling behind the scenes, causing the audience to empathise with the victim.

Secondly, the bully is standing up with her hands on her waist pointing at the victim to show higher status and power over the victim. On the other hand, the victim is sitting on the floor with her legs bent, her head down and her hands wrapped around her legs, to show that the victim is trepidacious, hurt, depressed, and woebegone, and the hands act like a protection kind of like a parent protecting a child from danger and provides her a sense of security. This will make the audience feel disturbed and also understand how the victim is feeling a bit more.

Moreover, in the reflection from the bystander’s eyes, both the victim and the bully’s reflection are silhouettes because it represents that many cases of bullying are not properly dealt with and are covered up, leaving the victim very upset or even

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