Bullying Stance Essay

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Bullying Stance As a worldwide concern holds many people victim for generations; bullying does not have to be an issue for others unless we make it. Bullying, the repeated attack on a person either verbally or physically with intention has changed the way we look at people in the twenty- first century. With a whopping, one out of four people affected by this cause, we must find a way for it to be abolished and erased from all existence. The Bully movie has given me insight and perspective from this horrific occurrence, and has shaped the way I think about this phenomenon for many years to come. At one time in our country, bullying was in a physical form, now it has expanded its horizons into the depth of modern- day technology. Bullying must face an end soon, otherwise many parts of the …show more content…

I was bullied at one point for being overweight and unathletic. This changed my life forever; now I am always aware of my weight and make many efforts to keep everything at a balance. I have improved myself to be better at various sports. This may seem beneficial, but sometimes I push a little too hard and I end up injuring myself, either mentally or physically. Ever since I have first heard about Bullying, I thought it rarely occurred but that was proven wrong as it happened right in front of me. The Bully Project confirmed my “sightings” and exposed the truth about Bullying. As seen in the movie, the counselors or trusted adult (apart from the child’s parents) do nothing in efforts to stop bullying. This shows us what kind of a world we live in, one meant for not only the wrongdoings of humans but the inhumanity as well. For example, Kelbi Johnson was bullied due to her sexuality, and that specifically influences me. I always thought that the world was filled with pure people, but this movie displays anything but. It has given me little hope for the future generations that this county

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