Burn Rate Study on Alliant (Green Dot) Smokeless Shotgun Powder and Kclo4

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Burn rate study on Alliant (Green dot) smokeless shotgun powder and KClO4 Shalom AJ Cohen Philadelphia community college 11/2010 Abstract: The purpose of this project is to measure if differing amounts of potassium perchlorate, KCIO4, mixed with shotgun powder has an effect on burn rate. The experiment was videotaped and the duration of burn time for each amount used was recorded. KClO4, amounts ranging from .2g to 2g, were added to 4g of shotgun powder. A steel pipe that is ½ inch wide and 6 inch, which is welded vertically to a steel plate base was used for confinement. Ignition occurred from the top down. The hypothesis that was accepted is that the concentration of KClO4 will accelerate the burn rate of smokeless flake powder.…show more content…
The burn rate of the mixture was recorded with a video camera and the results recorded and timed. The resulting footage was reviewed and the duration of the combustion noted on a tenth of a second basis. 4 grams of Alliant Green Dot double-base smokeless flake powder with no KClO4 added was also recorded twice in the same manner, to give a baseline burn time and averaged. Raw Data Gun powder without additive burn time: Amount: Burn time: 4g 1.91s 4g 1.97s Amount of KClO4 added to 4 g shotgun powder: Amount: Burn time: 2g 1.23s .4g 1.86s .6g 2.76s .8g 1.98s 1g 2.76s 1.2g 1.92s 2g 1.98s DATA Conclusion: The gathered data shows a negative skew pattern. The average burn time for 4 g of Alliant, Green Dot double-base smokeless powder with no KClO4 was 1.94 seconds. The burn rate with KClO4 ranged from 1.23 to 2. 76 seconds. 4 out of 7 tests provided results where the burning rate of the mixture were accelerated when KClO4 where added to the shotgun powder. Two tests showed a slight decline in the burn rate. The final test using 1g showed a decline in burn rate by 0.82 seconds. The declines might have been caused by residual shotgun powder from a previous test. It would have been desirable to repeat the 1g test in order to

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