Bus 304 Week 4 Assignment 1: Individual, Family And Community

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Farkhanda Wajibul
LBSU 304
Week 4 Assignment 1
February 7, 2016
Individual in Society In my opinion, as individuals we are fractions that make up and contribute to the challenges and problems the world faces as a whole. Individual issues can affect the individual, family and friends, and communities, which can affect society in general. For example, a child that comes from a single parent home has a greater likelihood of being raised in poverty. A child raised in severe poverty has a greater chance of becoming involved in criminal activity. If a child gets involved in criminal activity, not only can the individual be negatively impacted, but the family and friends of the individual can be negatively impacted as well. As a result, the individual becomes part of the juvenile or adult criminal justice system (sometimes …show more content…

While this creates employment are these the types of positions we want an increase in? As individuals, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our families, our communities, our fellow man, and our countries. Although many individuals who are raised in single parent families are successful, many cases result in the examples provided above. If we work together with our families and communities for the benefit of ourselves and others, a positive impact can be made on these communities as opposed to negative ones. For example, individuals can work to better themselves by pursuing education (which in turn affords better careers), small business owners can work with youth and displaced workers in their communities to provide employment opportunities, professionals can volunteer to work with and/or mentor troubled youth, environmentalist can visit and educate communities on the importance of and how to save our

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