Bus 365 Week 2 Quiz 1 Chapter 1 and 2

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BUS 365 WEEK 2 QUIZ 1 CHAPTER 1 AND 2 TO purchase this tutorial visit following link: Contact us at: SUPPORT@WISEAMERICAN.US BUS 365 WEEK 2 QUIZ 1 CHAPTER 1 AND 2 Multiple Choice 1. The importance of being an agile enterprise has increased significantly because of _________ and _________. a) competition; slowed population growth b) social networks; rapid economic recovery c) slow economic recovery; advances in mobile technology d) rapid population growth; corporate strategy 2. _________ are valuable to businesses because they can connect, communicate, collaborate, and do commerce on-demand, in real-time, and at a distance. a) Multimedia networks b)…show more content…
c) A description of the customers to be served. d) A description of competitive forces in the industry. 13. Basic functions of an IS are: a) input, processing, and output. b) input, processing, output, and feedback. c) user interfaces, data sources, processing, and reporting. d) hardware, software, data, and procedures. 14. Which of the following is not a component of an information system? a) input b) hardware c) network d) people 15. A company believes that superb customer service and on-time delivery are valuable and critical to their success. Their beliefs and values form the __________ that influences the company’s IT investments. a) feedback b) business functions c) social context d) inputs 16. __________ are shaking-up or disrupting the ways companies do business, the jobs of managers and workers, the design of business processes, and the structure of markets. a) IT innovations b) Wireless networks c) Social media d) Social networks 17. Performance improved significantly at 1-800-Contacts after the company invested in __________ that enabled call center operators to monitor their performance as often as every 15 minutes. a) semiautomatic business processes b) dashboard reporting tools c) private networks d) social networks 18. IS capabilities support all of the following business objectives except: a) improving productivity. b) reducing waste. c) facilitating collaboration. d) automating decision making. 19. The
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