Bushfires are Common Occurrence within Australia

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Bushfires are common occurrences within Australia, with each summer an average of 54,000 burning across the country, but this one in particular took a higher toll than previous bushfires. On the 7th of February 2009 a series of devastating bushfires burned across several townships in Victoria. The flames claimed 173 lives, injured 500, destroyed over 2000 homes and injured or killed millions of wildlife. This day became known as Black Saturday. Different individuals and community groups who were directly or indirectly affected responded differently to the Black Saturday bushfires. During the early signs of the bushfire, in Marysville and Kingslake, the majority of the citizens were evacuated to nearby towns, but many of the individuals who decided to stay to protect their homes or thought that it was safest to stay perished in the flames. Loved ones, pets, possessions and homes were lost and many families experienced grief. Many business owners were forced to relocate or rebuild their businesses and several farmers lost equipment, livestock and land. The Insurance Council Australia stated that they received over 5000 claims from individuals, 90% which were for house and contents and 10% for vehicles. Community based groups such as the Red Cross responded to the bushfires through fundraising and relief programs. The Australian Red Cross led the largest relief and recovery programs with around 1,600 volunteers and staff responding immediately to the bushfire. They

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