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The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides significant help to those in need. The organization is a branch of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The organization’s initial goals were to provide humanitarian efforts and other relief during trying times. For example, many felt that the group was formed in response to the destruction caused by the American Civil War. Founder and the group’s first President, Clara Barton, believed that America should be prepared for future catastrophes, but there was widespread doubt that the nation would ever again experience anything as disastrous as the Civil War. Nonetheless, the organization was formed on …show more content…

On the same note, the group provided relief when the 35-W bridge collapsed in Minnesota. It helped, this past year, to rebuild houses that fell victim to California wildfires too. Post disaster aid comes in many forms. Food relief, site clean up, site repair, blood donations, blood transfusions and other types of medical aid are some of the forms of relief. Although, disaster reliefs and blood donations are crucial in our society today; this is not the only type of service the Red Cross provides for us.

Red Cross has prepared people to save lives through health and safety education training for almost fifty years. Red Cross provides classes and guidelines for lifeguarding. Not only does lifeguarding save lives but it also helps financially by providing jobs for thousands around the country. Thanks to Red Cross, paramedics across the country are saving lives and also making a living. All of these paramedics and lifeguards with kids wouldn’t be able to go to work if it weren’t for the Red Cross’s babysitters training. The training prepares people to lead a safer and healthier life for young ones. Nearly 11 million people enrolled in American Red Cross health and safety courses last year. The most beautiful facet of the Red Cross is found in the group’s target population. The most interesting aspect of The American Red Cross’s target population is that there is not necessarily a target population. In other words, it does not

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