Business Analysis: Porter's Five Forces For Google Inc

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8.1.2 Economic Factors:
With a steady growth of those countries that Google set foot in, Google’s internal and external investments will always remain high in values. Users will surf more; hence more advertisements are included in the search results. The amount of users around those counters can leave an impact on Google positively and lead them to establish better services and more products for their users leading it to be a core advantage to Google economically. (Gill, 2016)
Interest rates can have a positive or negative impact depending on a company’s dealings. Google is a company that relies on investments, meaning when interest rates steadily increase in a country, more companies will be willing to spend on advertisements and this is how Google increases job opportunities in markets. (Steven Gans, MD , 2017) Technological Factors:
Google is described as a technological company that helps innovate and improve the world with its new development. Technology acts
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Porters five forces is a key model is to determine an organizations opportunities and threats. It considered to be a tool when trying to analyze a company’s microeconomics. This is the internal issue related to an organization. The competition of an organization have an industry. Supplier Power
In this case, Google has an advantage as it operates regionally and has more than one supplier, meaning if one supplier decides to end their business relation, another one can take its place. In addition, Google has eliminated competition by forming a partnership with Microsoft. All its tools are operating on its biggest competitor Microsoft operating systems. However, Microsoft could change their operating systems so that it does not support Google anymore and cause Google tools to not work properly and cause a threat of forward integration. In this case, it is concluded that the supplier power is relatively low due to most of the information on the net being
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