Factors of Google's Company Strategy

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1. Political Factors

Government stability is very important part of a Google’s strategy, indeed, government stability is an important filed to help country’s company improve their profits. For example, if the country’s government has comparatively stable and buoyant equity capital market, government will commit to help business. Thus, Google’s ads will be more actively, therefore, it should be quite a profitable deal for Google. Furthermore, the vast majority of the legislatures do not have recognized law for online data sharing. So, government authorized opportunity to operate laws. But, Google users reported the general, uncensored version of the search engine was obstructed that forbid Google in many parts of China. For instance, surveillance system “ Golden Shield” project by the Ministry of Public Security division of the government of China and started in 1998 and officially began in 2003, for monitoring civilian use of Internet (KLEIN, 2008).
Government political factors also have positive effect on Google such as employment policies, tax policies and environment protection policies.

2. Economic Factors

GDP or (Gross Domestic Product), it measures all fianl goods and services produced in a country in a given period of time. GDP has a major affect to Google’s profits. GDP increasing annually countries such as UK, India, South Africa and China since the averagely 70’s and this may lead to positive factors on Google. If the countries has a reputation for
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