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Business Analysis: Sorzal Instruction
Sorzal¡¦s Business definition, Mission statement
Market authentic and quality jewelry, pottery and artifacts in the United States. To be the reputation and world-known South American and African artifact for collectors and fanciers. As an intermediate of transferring ancient culture and art to the world through tangible items. And for the reason to expand our market, we will emphasize on our target consumers interests, curiosity and self-satisfaction.
Problem Defining
Sorzal is an artifacts distributor whose main function is transfer artifacts from South American and African
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For example, the suppliers can only provide us a certain amount number of artifacts because of the custom policy. On the other hand, our distribution channel is also limited in the market. We only have a few outlets and little own showing. It is also one main problem that we can not expand our market share efficiently.
Ć Cost intensive of native artifacts: Experts are always cost much for making artifacts because making artifact is one uniqueness skill that you can not be replaced by machines. And also the high transportation fee and tax are other main current cost for our company.
Ć Long producing time: for the reason of low productivity problem, to produce an item takes long time. In business world, time always costs much than money.
Ć Limited product line: we only provide pottery and some related products in the market.
External Factor
Ć The market is growing rapidly: for the last decade, the market got 20 percent growth. Though it declines in recent year, positive growth could be expected. The number of interested parties is getting more and more people.
Ć Existing customer base: As stated in the article, the market is not saturated and the products are being populated because of the good sales in the own showing.
Ć Room for expansion: Sorzal can introduce the artifact from Asia or else where to diversify the product mix.
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