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2040MGT Business Communication Reflective Essay Student Name: KE PENG(Kiki) Student ID: PEKED1002 Tutor: Anita Chard Word Count: 1544 Due date:10/05/2012(Week 10) Communication is a mutual exchange of understanding. Business communication is more formal than ordinary interpersonal interaction, which is regulated by certain norm and oriented by goals (Schoop, Köhne, & Ostertag, 2010). Through learning the Business Communication course, I had understood various communication concepts and theories. Additionally, I have further developed my understanding of interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics through applying concepts into practical group work. On one hand, interpersonal communication can involve …show more content…

Low level of interpersonal trust and negative interaction are considered to be the attributes of Internet communication (Fawkes & Gregory, 2010; Lee et al., 2011). According to Gerpott (2010), Internet communication is not only separates people from physical distance, but also psychological connections. Mayer (2010) adds that confrontational expression and disagreement can be often seen from Internet communication. However, this does not fully apply to our circumstance. Although there are some negative impacts of purely relying on Internet communication, by meeting pace-to-pace purposefully, the negative influence can be mitigated (Forrester & Tashchian, 2010). In the group work, the Internet communication was only the alternative to us and we started to form the group as classmates who meet each other daily. Group work is defined by Judeh (2011), a number of people have their motives mixed and work collaboratively to achieve common goals. Cooperative and competitive forms are often detected in terms of group work interdependence (Riebe, Roepen, Santarelli & Marchioro, 2010). Improved communication, high productivity and willingness of participating are often observed from cooperative interdependence whereas communicating deadlocks, aggressiveness and competition are often found in competitive interdependence (Forrester & Tashchian, 2010). Noticeably, the cooperativeness was the spirit for the group and we

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