Essay about Managerial Communications Assignment No 1

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Assignment no 1 – Managerial Communications Case study – How do you manage an off-site team? Submission date – 31st Jan 2015 Group Details – Vijaya Avatani 36439 Vidhi Pande 36479 Swati Sathe 36436 Case Analysis In our view, the case throws light on following issues – 1. Conflict between two employees - Allison & Penny [Iceberg] 2. Weak managerial skills of Craig 3. HR role in implementation of flexi time & off site working Allison Scher and Penelope Ryan worked well together when they showed up at the office every day. The problem aroused after implementation of flexi time & off site working by the company. Both of them started working from home & meet each other only during client meetings. Weakness in Craig’s managerial…show more content…
They both are good team player and have have sufficient competency to reach the goal so better to use the competency in right direaction. Before going to the Client , they should discuss with each other that what are the things will be discussed and be at a common platform. Before writing anything to HR about each other first tell the things to that person, whom about it is because ultimately he needs to clear it out. From HR Side Here below are some important points to be taken care by HR- They need to meet the complete team and discuss the actual issues the employees facing. They should sense the feelings of the employees before the employee complains about it. As a facilitate Allison and Penny in order to sort out the issues by themselves. If in person meeting is not possible, arrange meetings through Video Conferencing or Teleconferencing. The company’s managers need to take part in an extensive training process. The training should include how to establish and communicate clear, realistic objectives and expectations; how to define what work is due when; how to give ongoing, clear, and specific feedback to their employees; how to demonstrate openness and loyalty; and how to mentor workers to be self-starters. Off-site employees need similar training in how to communicate and work
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