Business Communication : The Importance Of Communication In The Workplace

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As humans, quite a lot of of us don’t realize the importance of listening to conversations in our personal lives as well as in our professional lives. Humans have this need or reaction to talk rather than listen, one would jump in and compare the conversation to one’s own personal experiences, or simply tune out because of difference of opinions, boredom, or simply just distracted. Furthermore, as people in today world we are frequently in a rush and attempting to complete all our tasks, duties and responsibilities in the short hours of a day. Even though possibly losing some time in your day, providing people with time to show you are empathic shows respect for others because it is providing a feeling of support, in addition providing you with better communication skills.
Before taking Business Communications at the University of Phoenix, I never really gave it much thought about my empathetic listening habits, deep down I somewhat knew to move forward in my current career there will need to be some communication improvements on my behalf. As of now I’m lacking the skills to ensure that I can handle them properly. This would be improving and providing my knowledge to be able to handle employee relations on a professional level, with this personal enhancement it will not only assist me in my professional world but can also offer assistance in my own life, as one whom lacks empathy in the workplace most likely lacks empathy at home also. There is one individual situation

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