Business Law: A Case Study

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Business Law In business law, there are a number of procedures that are used in settling disputes. For cases, under $5,000.00, small claims court is utilized as a way to effectively litigate potential issues and come to a solution in a cost effective manner. This is when there are no attorney's present. Instead, each party will present their side of the story to the judge. They will bring forward their own witnesses and evidence to support their case. (Warner, 2012) To fully understand how it works requires carefully examining a case in small claims court. This will be accomplished by focusing on the citations, facts, issues, court decision and legal reasoning. Together, these elements will highlight how this process works and the way various findings are reached by the judge. (Warner, 2012) Citation of the Case The name of the court where the proceeding took place is the Superior Court of California in the County of San Francisco. The case that was being decided is Robin Hunt vs. Depuy Orthopedics Inc under CGC-12-52164. It occurred on June 4, 2013 at 10:30 AM. The people who were inside the court room were mainly the defendant, plaintiff, the witnesses, the judge and bailiff. (Robin Hunt vs. Depuy Orthopedics Inc, personal communication, June 4, 2013) Facts In this case, Patricia Hunt filed a lawsuit against Depuy Orthopedics Inc of Indiana. She claimed that she purchased a prosthetic limb and it did not function the way it was suppose to. Instead, it continued to

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