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Bsns 103 Key aspects: Culture: Language and symbols, norms, beliefs rituals. Affluenza: “The consumers disease” We want more and more, the more we have the more we want. Over consumption: (eg) Fast food leads to obesity. Having to have the latest model that is released. Driving cars = pollution. Purchasing decision model: • Identification/recognition • Info search (other options) • Alternative evaluation • Purchase and delivery • Post purchase evaluation Needs Wants Perception Senses Attitudes: • Affect (feelings) • Behaviour (intentions to act towards the object because of this attitude) • Cognition (beliefs about the object) eg. We convince ourselves why it is a good object. Balance theory: (eg) Bob doesn’t like Bcoms but Betty…show more content…
eMarketing: Advantages • Gives the perception that you are talking directly to the company. • Reduction of costs through automation (eg) (F.A.Q’s) • Faster response to both marketers and consumers • Increased ability to measure and collect data (to predict future behaviour) • Increased interactivity Disadvantages: • Dependent on technology (what happens when it fails) • Security, privacy issues • Maintenance cost due to constantly evolving environment • Higher transparency of pricing and increased price competition • Worldwide competition through globalization • Fake products? • You can’t actually reach the “whole” world, not everyone has access to
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