Business Profile of Reid Consultancy

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Business Profile of Reid Consultancy Reid Consultancy is a medium small consultancy firm aimed at providing small to medium sized enterprise entrepreneurs with solutions applicable to all their strategic management, financial and other operational needs. The firm was established by former small and large business owners and managers Yasheka Reid, Reba Nelson and Adobey Raider who saw that there was a gap in the market for affordable business advice for small to medium sized business owners. With their expertise in both the public and private sector being at the helm of three of the country’s largest companies and they themselves operating successful businesses the trio decided to open Reid Consultancy in January 2nd, 2012 in Kingston Jamaica. Over the one year period the business has been in existence the firm as helped several small business owners in making their entities overnight success stories in their respective markets. The trio hopes to expand regionally in the near future. Business Profile Cinnamon Bakery Cinnamon Bakery is a small family owned bakery specialized in baking pastry items with the main ingredient being cinnamon or cinnamon powder. The entity began operating in Ocho Rios St Ann in April 2011 and is owned by husband and wife duo Michael and Suzanne Smith. Michael and Susanne Smith were both pastry chefs in two of Jamaica’s top hotels for over ten year achieving numerous accolades as testament to their skills. The business employs one
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