Eco Friendly Sustainability Consultancy And Fee Structure

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Eco-Friendly sustainability consultancy is intended to be a full-time business:
Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturdays and evenings will be consultation, measuring and quoting jobs.

7. Marketing Strategy
Our target markets will be small and medium sized existing buildings seeking sustainability consultancy in the surrounding region. Eco-Friendly Sustainability Consultancy will market its services by placing an ad in the yellow pages, listing with all local business and industry associations, developing a brochure to be distributed to lending institutions and clients, becoming an active member of a number of construction and consulting associations, networking with the local business community, and developing workshops and seminars for small businesses. Our seminars and workshops will be used to promote our other consulting services. Attendees will be able to pick up our corporate brochure and ask any questions regarding the services we provide. The corporate brochure will outline Eco-Friendly sustainability Consulting services and fee structure. The brochures will be distributed at our workshops and seminars, to lending institutions, associations, key construction leaders, and to potential clients.
Eco-Friendly Sustainability Consulting will not do much advertising except for placing an ad in the local yellow pages. Within the next three years, Business Success Consulting may develop an Internet site highlighting key services, level of expertise…
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