Bust Size Persuasive Essay

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Many women yearn for larger breasts. While a breast augmentation, or a “boob job,” can certainly get the job done, it is often expensive. Unfortunately, many women simply cannot afford the cost of surgery. If you are one of them, you might be wondering if there are any other options available that can help to increase your bust size.
The good news is, yes.
There are several non-surgical methods for achieving a larger bust, including these three:
1. Fat Injections
A newer alternative to breast augmentations, fat injections are surprisingly effective. While they cannot increase your bust size by several cups, it can help make them larger. As you might imagine, this procedure involves sucking fat from another area of your body and then injecting
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For example, you cannot go from an A cup to a B cup. The results are also not permanent, so you will need to have the procedure repeated at some point in the future. Still, it’s a good option for those who want a small increase without invasive surgery.
2. Breast Lift
Another non-invasive option is a breast lift. Although it doesn’t actually increase the size of your breast, it does make them perkier—and this can make them appear larger. For this procedure, Botox is injected in to the breast muscle. The Botox paralyzes the muscle, which helps the breasts become perkier.
Although a breast lift is very effective, it isn’t permanent. Like facial Botox, it will need to be repeated several times; as Botox typically only lasts a few months. So you should keep this in mind if you are considering it.
3. Vacuum Bra
Vacuum bras are also another method for achieving larger breasts. As the name suggests, these bras use suction to help give you larger breasts. Wearers put the bra on, turn it on, and let it suck the breast tissue in. Over time, this helps to create larger breasts. While it might sound odd, it is surprisingly effective for a small boost. However, results are not quick and the bra must be worn every day for
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