Buyer Power Is How Easy It Is For Buyer

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Buyer Power High; buyer power is how easy it is for buyer to force down price of the commodity along with factors like number of buyers in market, uniqueness and cost of the product. Buyer power in industry of solar instant cooler is comparatively strong. The solar products are primarily differentiated according to their cost and energy they produce so buyers are very distinguish while buying. Consumer need low cost solar product with high quality and can generate sufficient energy. As solar industry is dependent on number of consumers that creates possible risk to lower price of the product. Supplier Power Low; supplier power is how easy it is for supplier to force down the price of the product by considering distinctiveness of the product, number of suppliers of each initial input and switching cost from one supplier to another. Supplier power for solar instant cooler is relatively weak. Solar panel made by two suppliers is almost similar, and one can get nitrogen gas from any chemical based industry. So if supplier for solar panel and Nitrogen gas tubes rises their price it is easy to switch supplier and get same raw materials from different source. So, supplier power is weak. Barriers to New Entry High; it is not easy to enter in the market of solar industry. One of the main barriers to entry is, it requires huge amount of research and development to be able to create a solar instant cooler at a low price. In United States government provides subsidies for the industry
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