Buying Solar Powered Lanterns On The Beautiful Tropical Island Nation Of Jamaica

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For the Business Opportunity Analysis Paper, I am trying to sell solar powered lanterns on the beautiful tropical island nation of Jamaica. It is located South of Cuba and West of Haiti in the Caribbean islands. Jamaica may have some economic, cultural, and political issues that can hurt business, but I have quite a few strategies and tricks up my sleeve to overcome those problems that will make my business prosper. In fact, I think the reason why Jamaica would be a great place to sell the product in is because of its problems. Where ever they see loss, I see gain opportunities. And I do not mean taking advantage of the people. I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with my business plans. In fact these plans will benefit the…show more content…
Outsourcing a factory to Jamaica will offer an openings for (cheap) unskilled labor, and not just in the manufacturing side. We would need to hire security and salesmen amongst our staff. I guarantee that we will have no problem getting applicants to hire. “Jobs are scarce and for every job there are literally hundreds of applicants. I remember an article about a bakery hiring I believe 10 ppl (people) and there were line ups of hundreds of applicants," warned an expat in Jamaica.” Another potential problem and a potential for gain is a cultural one. One thing that many of the Jamaicans are accustomed to is that many of them live in the dark or without electricity amongst other utilities for periods of time. Quotes from, include: when asked what to bring when you move there “More solar things, like lights and phone charger.” Others include “A Generator (seriously), power cuts are rife and expect to be without power, internet or water for 2-3 days at a time.”, “get used to everything being at a much slower pace, and going without electricity and water”, and “We even have a dishwasher which we never used, since electricity here is extremely expensive.” shows a satellite image of Jamaica at night.
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